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We are an independent private real estate agency that truly believes everything we can achieve is defined by our character.

Our Focal Point Is You.

You might not have heard of Focal Real Estate before; however, we’ve been around since 1978, We have 40+ years in the real estate industry and serving our clients with realistic appraisals, the best outcomes with our sales and diligent property management handling that keeps all of our clients happy & content knowing their properties business is being taken care of at the highest level ensuring certain satisfaction
We are an independent private real estate agency that truly believes everything we can achieve is defined by our character. We're not your average real estate agency - we take it upon ourselves to love your home just as much as you do and deliver noteworthy results.
Client satisfaction is our main priority. We strive to make sure that every interaction you have with us is positive, stress-free and efficient. Our years of experience in different facets of the real estate industry such as sales, rentals, leases, and commercial inquiries allow us to consistently overachieve for our buying and selling clients.

Selling has never been easier.

Focal real estate is committed to bringing efficiency, trust, and most importantly, transparency to the selling process. We're big on client satisfaction and we intend to always deliver on our promises that protect you and your property throughout the entire process.

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Client Satisfaction

12 - 18

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Our Team

Philip Paznikov

Sales Director

An established agent and focused Real Estate leader, Philip has spent more than 4 years building an integrated, trusted network of local and...read more

Jade Soong
Jade Soong


A perfectionist in her approach, Jade has an exceptional attention to detail and hard-working nature, making her an ideal candidate for any challenges...read more

Jarrod Mead

Sales & Media

With years of industry and sales experience, Jarrod is committed to his work and assuring his clients ultimate success. As a Director of Empire media and....read more

Alex Paznikov

Property Manager

Enthusiastic and disciplined, Alex has the key characteristics and skill set to effectively manage a diverse portfolio of properties at an extremely high standard. He prides......read more

Serena Wang


After first joining the world of real estate in 2019, Serena has been able to demonstrate her lifelong passion for customer service, taking pride in helping....read more